THE TALL PINE POLKA by Lorna Landvik

THE TALL PINE POLKA by Lorna Landvik, 1999. I just LOVE Lorna Landvik books, they never let me down!  This small cast of eccentric characters includes a 22 year old orphaned, Fenny Ness, as the star of the show, and her friends, beautiful Lee O’Leary, a beaten and abused woman who leaves her husband and goes forth to make a new life for herself. Then there’s Tall Pine’s only admitted lesbian couple; Miss Penk and Frau Katt. Pete the proprietor of Shoe Shack spends his nights crafting  beautiful shoes for Lee, but is too shy to confess his love. Slim, the barking and howling Vietnam Veteran with PTSD who works his way though it by communicating like a dog. Then there’s Big Bill who enters the town looking for his eccentric Native American Aunt Mae.

NOTE: I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book, as much as I do.


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