TRAPPER’S MOON; Book Two of the Buckskinners by Jory Sherman

TRAPPER’S MOON; Book Two of The Buckskinners by Jory Sherman, 1994. Yep this is one old paperback! It’s something a trapper/hunter might like, a man’s book. It reminds me of the old movie about a trapper up in Canada who takes in a woman and ends up having his leg amputated. In the end they fell in love. Well, there aren’t any women in this book so far, other than a Spanish innkeeper’s daughter in the beginning of the book. The story is all about the rough life the two main characters Lemuel and Morgan Hawke live. They both decide to become trappers and travel from St. Louis to the Rocky Mountains looking for their friend who’s Morgan’s namesake; Silas Morgan who lives with the Crow Indians. Morgan is only 15 but quite brave and he carries a “Medicine Horn” with very powerful meaning to the Crow’s they meet up with.

I honestly don’t picture any women reading this book, but I am enjoying it. I always did like a good pioneer type story. I’ll keep this writer in mind, I’d like to read more of his work. Most of which seem to have Indians in the plots. Here’s some titles:






When I was a kid, I was the the daughter who sat watching Westerns on TV  with dad and I don’t remember my sisters joining in.


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