OH MY STARS by Lorna Landvik

OH MY STARS by Lorna Landvik, 2005, 2006. Poor Violet Mathers is having a hard time as she enters adulthood, in this coming of age story in Kentucky during the Great Depression. Violet was abandoned by her mother and mistreated by her father and finally things are looking up. Finally things are looking up as 16 year old Violet gets a job in a thread factory during summer months while school is out, but even there something horrible happens on her birthday no less! After being miserable for the next two years working in the Thread factory office Violet finds herself on a bus going to California. The bus crashes in North Dakota where the bus passengers are rescued by two musicians and Violet finds herself having feelings for one of them and joins their quest to make a dazzling, new kind of music. This promises to be a very good book!

NOTE: I’m loving this good read novel! If you want to hear how an early mixed race band started out and became famous with their “new” style of music. It makes me wish they were a real band! The story is narrated from time to time by Violet. I have a feeling any other Loran Landvik books will also be a good read.


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