THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN by Kate Morton, 2008, 2010. The authoress Kate Morton lives in Australia where part of this story takes place, and continues to backtrack in England. Throughout the whole story it jumps from the past and the present in England and Australia. This is the story of a little English girl living on an estate with her mother and grandmother. The little girl is about 4 years old in the year 1913 when she is kidnapped, it would seem, and she ends up on a boat heading to Australia. This child has no name in the beginning of the story, but she is later given the name Nell in when she is taken in but not legally adopted by Hugh and Lil Andrews. Later after Nell is grown up she discovers that she was a foster child and the small white suitcase she was found with holds the key to her identity. I don’t want to give away much more of the story and ruin it for you as Nell’s granddaughter tries to find her own identity.

NOTE: I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I want to read more of Kate Morton’s work!


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