COME WALK WITH ME by Joan Medlicott

COME WALK WITH ME by Joan Medlicott, 2007. This book is about a middle aged widow with grown children who has a beautiful house in the Hampton’s and a thriving antique business, but her life is direction-less without her husband around. Claire Bennett is estranged from her adult daughter and son. Still in mourning years later Claire moves to a condo in Florida, then impulsively leaves to visit her daughter in Boca Raton, North Carolina. From there she travels to the a tiny farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she lives among kind strangers. AS time passes Claire manages to work through her problems as she reaches out to her estranged son.

NOTE: I admit this book might not attract the younger adult reader, but women 40 years or older might be able to connect to the characters in this book. I’ll have to let you know how I like it. I enjoyed the large type too! LOL

NOTE: I’m not enjoying this book after all. I’ve started reading a different one.


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