RETURN TO WILLOW LAKE by Susan Wiggs, 2012. Remember Sonnet Romano from the Willow Lake stories Susan Wiggs wrote? Sonnet is bi-racial and was brought up in her mother’s big Italian family in the small town of Avalon, in New York state. Well in this one Sonnet is all grown up, and she’s just had mind blowing sex with her old best friend Zach Alger from back home, but she doesn’t want to admit to that mistake even though it may have repercussions down the road. Sonnet finally met her father Laurence Jefferies while she was in college, who’s now running for State Senate. He’s a wealthy married black man with a well brought up family, all used to the best life has to offer. He’s a real Go-getter and Sonnet feels she has to prove herself to him, that she’s just as ambitious. Her new Ivy League boyfriend Orlando is Jefferies’ Campaign manager. He’s a rather formal man in his thirties and worried about how Sonnet’s life will make the news when it comes to her father’s campaign. Orlando is Cuban-American, and so acceptable to her father. There’s already been a leak about how Sonnet and Zach had a little romp between the sheets. Anyway, I’m enjoying the book with it’s easier to read larger type. Especially since I already know most of the characters.


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