COLUMBIA by Pamela Jekel.

COLUMBIA by Pamela Jekel, 1986,1987 and 1990, The Magnificent Saga of the Pacific Northwest and the Men and Women Who Dared to Tame It.

This very old paperback reminds of the Jean Auel “Caveman” or Early American books I like to read on occasion. This one starts out thousands of years in the past with the very early man and brings us up to the 1700’s when white men landed in the great land across the big waters. The main character is Ilchee, who is a seer, and a leader who is on a spirit quest of her own, even though her community doesn’t accept women as seers and sometimes kills them. I’m finding the book a good read so far.

NOTE: I’m still enjoying this book, the writing is good, but the type is tiny and it’s a SAGA! So it may take me a while since I do have other things to do.


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