BUFFALO GAL by Mary Connealy

Heartsong Presents: BUFFALO GAL by Mary Connealy, 1973,1978,1984. I had no idea this book was that old! But I am enjoying it. This little book , (and I do mean little since it only has 169 text pages), is very enjoyable reading. With quirky characters you’re sure to fall in love with.

Buffy Lange is a veterinarian college student working for 3 months on a Buffalo ranch in South Dakota to help earn her veterinarian degree, where she meet’s the Buffalo ranch’s neighbor Wyatt Shaw. The meeting takes place on her first day of work, when she arrives with a buffalo named “Bill” who gets loose from his pen, fairly knocking a fence on top of Buffy and stampeding away towards the widower neighbor’s  6 year old twin sons. Wyatt Shaw saved the day and no one got hurt, but now that BUffy has cleaned up her act and come next door to apologize the Wyatt, his eyes are truly open to the beauty, her wonderful smell and her spunky spirit. Not mention his twins like her a lot too!

It’s a nice diversion or me for a change.


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