THE FORGOTTEN GARDEN by Kate Morton, 2008, 2010. The authoress Kate Morton lives in Australia where part of this story takes place, and continues to backtrack in England. Throughout the whole story it jumps from the past and the present in England and Australia. This is the story of a little English girl living on an estate with her mother and grandmother. The little girl is about 4 years old in the year 1913 when she is kidnapped, it would seem, and she ends up on a boat heading to Australia. This child has no name in the beginning of the story, but she is later given the name Nell in when she is taken in but not legally adopted by Hugh and Lil Andrews. Later after Nell is grown up she discovers that she was a foster child and the small white suitcase she was found with holds the key to her identity. I don’t want to give away much more of the story and ruin it for you as Nell’s granddaughter tries to find her own identity.

NOTE: I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I want to read more of Kate Morton’s work!


COME WALK WITH ME by Joan Medlicott

COME WALK WITH ME by Joan Medlicott, 2007. This book is about a middle aged widow with grown children who has a beautiful house in the Hampton’s and a thriving antique business, but her life is direction-less without her husband around. Claire Bennett is estranged from her adult daughter and son. Still in mourning years later Claire moves to a condo in Florida, then impulsively leaves to visit her daughter in Boca Raton, North Carolina. From there she travels to the a tiny farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she lives among kind strangers. AS time passes Claire manages to work through her problems as she reaches out to her estranged son.

NOTE: I admit this book might not attract the younger adult reader, but women 40 years or older might be able to connect to the characters in this book. I’ll have to let you know how I like it. I enjoyed the large type too! LOL

NOTE: I’m not enjoying this book after all. I’ve started reading a different one.


RETURN TO WILLOW LAKE by Susan Wiggs, 2012. Remember Sonnet Romano from the Willow Lake stories Susan Wiggs wrote? Sonnet is bi-racial and was brought up in her mother’s big Italian family in the small town of Avalon, in New York state. Well in this one Sonnet is all grown up, and she’s just had mind blowing sex with her old best friend Zach Alger from back home, but she doesn’t want to admit to that mistake even though it may have repercussions down the road. Sonnet finally met her father Laurence Jefferies while she was in college, who’s now running for State Senate. He’s a wealthy married black man with a well brought up family, all used to the best life has to offer. He’s a real Go-getter and Sonnet feels she has to prove herself to him, that she’s just as ambitious. Her new Ivy League boyfriend Orlando is Jefferies’ Campaign manager. He’s a rather formal man in his thirties and worried about how Sonnet’s life will make the news when it comes to her father’s campaign. Orlando is Cuban-American, and so acceptable to her father. There’s already been a leak about how Sonnet and Zach had a little romp between the sheets. Anyway, I’m enjoying the book with it’s easier to read larger type. Especially since I already know most of the characters.

COLUMBIA by Pamela Jekel.

COLUMBIA by Pamela Jekel, 1986,1987 and 1990, The Magnificent Saga of the Pacific Northwest and the Men and Women Who Dared to Tame It.

This very old paperback reminds of the Jean Auel “Caveman” or Early American books I like to read on occasion. This one starts out thousands of years in the past with the very early man and brings us up to the 1700’s when white men landed in the great land across the big waters. The main character is Ilchee, who is a seer, and a leader who is on a spirit quest of her own, even though her community doesn’t accept women as seers and sometimes kills them. I’m finding the book a good read so far.

NOTE: I’m still enjoying this book, the writing is good, but the type is tiny and it’s a SAGA! So it may take me a while since I do have other things to do.

Love Finds You in MAIDEN, NORTH CAROLINA by Tamela Hancock Murray

Love Finds You in MAIDEN, NORTH CAROLINA by Tamela Hancock Murray, 2009. OKay so I keep picking out books with scripture quotes in them! What can I say? The story itself sounds heartwarming. This one takes place in the 1920;s the flapper era. Hestia Myatt dreams of becoming a doctor. Stinging from a broken engagement, she heads for the quiet hills of Maiden, South Carolina to take care of an ailing aunt. Once there she meets up with her old childhood friend Booth Barrington. Will they fall in love? Most assuredly I say!

BUFFALO GAL by Mary Connealy

Heartsong Presents: BUFFALO GAL by Mary Connealy, 1973,1978,1984. I had no idea this book was that old! But I am enjoying it. This little book , (and I do mean little since it only has 169 text pages), is very enjoyable reading. With quirky characters you’re sure to fall in love with.

Buffy Lange is a veterinarian college student working for 3 months on a Buffalo ranch in South Dakota to help earn her veterinarian degree, where she meet’s the Buffalo ranch’s neighbor Wyatt Shaw. The meeting takes place on her first day of work, when she arrives with a buffalo named “Bill” who gets loose from his pen, fairly knocking a fence on top of Buffy and stampeding away towards the widower neighbor’s  6 year old twin sons. Wyatt Shaw saved the day and no one got hurt, but now that BUffy has cleaned up her act and come next door to apologize the Wyatt, his eyes are truly open to the beauty, her wonderful smell and her spunky spirit. Not mention his twins like her a lot too!

It’s a nice diversion or me for a change.