IN THE MIDNIGHT RAIN by Ruth Wind, 2000. I read this book already! In fact if I had taken the time to open the inside of the paperback cover I would see what I wrote! “A real good book! LB” See there I thought it sounded familiar and it certainly was.

Here’s the rundown on it from the back of the book cover:

Ellie Connor is a biographer with a special talent for piecing together fragments of the past. Her latest project, though, promises to be her most challenging- and personal. Not only is she researching the life of a blues singer who disappeared mysteriously forty years ago, but Ellie is also trying to find the truth about the parents she never knew. The love child of a restless woman who dies young and an anonymous father, Ellie has little to go on but a faded postcard her mother sent from a small East Texas town- the hometown of her latest subject. Of course there a sexy older man involved named Blue Reynard and they have incredible sex (of course). LOL.

NOTE: I’m sure you’ll enjoy it since I obviously did!


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