THE FAR SIDE OF THE HILL by Nancy Livingston

T,HE FAR SIDE OF THE HILL by Nancy Livingston, 1987. This is a REAL GOOD BOOK! I’m enjoying it immensely. It’s the story of a poverty-stricken Scottish family and how their two sons John and Davie work their way up from the hovel they were raised in, both taught by a wonderful teacher to excel in a University which they now can’t afford to go to and by their father Alex McKie how to scrimp and save and work hard and be honorable and ethical. Oh well so much for my nit-picking. It’s a wonderful story so far!


CLOUD MOUNTAIN by Amiee E. Liu, 1997. I like to read an occasional Asian love story or family drama. This writer is new to me, and I’m enjoying her work. Aimee E. Liu wrote this story of star crossed lovers based on her own grandparents lives.

This story takes place in Los Angeles. It starts out in 1941 when Hope Leon receives letter from war torn China written by her Chinese husband and father of her children whom she passionately loves. She has not seen Liang for 35 years. In 1906 Hope Newfield was a teacher of foreign students and Liang Po-Yu was her handsome student who was a scholar- revolutionary when they met and fell hopelessly in love. Bigotry, personal tragedy, the revolution and divided loyalties tested their love over and over again. The fact that it’s based on real people I find the book very interesting and thankfully well written.

THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER by James Michael Pratt

THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER by James Michael Pratt, 2001. 10 year old Peter O’Banyons life changes forever when his family dies in an accident. Now orphaned Peter goes to live with his Uncle Billie, the keeper of the Port Hope Island Lighthouse in Massachusetts. As Peter grows up he learns the astonishing truth about Uncle Billie’s life and the power of love. This knowledge helps guide Peter through World War II’s brutality, and when he returns home to his young bride and unimaginable tragedy. Now in the final days of his own life peter tries to pass on the lighthouse keeper’s secrets to his own daughter.


SEARCHING FOR PARADISE IN PARKER, PA by Kris Radish, 2008. I admit the title of the book caught my eye since I live in PA myself. (Yes, it’s true, people who live in Pennsylvania tend to call the state “P-A.”  This is a quirky book about a 28 year old marriage that is falling apart and how the couple adjusts to it as the husband Lucky ends up with a fractured back on the morning of their departure for Costa Rica where Addy hoped they could turn their marriage around. I’ll let you know how it turns out later.


SEASIDE REUNION by Irene Hannon, 2012. This LOVE INSPIRED romance was a very nice story. No sex and thankfully had minimal religious overtones. Yes it’s a Christian publication, but I did enjoy the story about two childhood friends who reunite after 25 years and fall in love of course. It’s the story of Nate, a war reporter and Lindsey a young widow. Perhaps you will enjoy this book with only a few kisses and no sex! LOL