My Advice to Romance Book Authors

I’m currently reading a quirky romance novel and it has scholarly words in it which I have to look up in my online dictionary! Do you know how aggravating that is to us simple country folk? PLEASE! I’M BEGGING YOU! Please simplify your writing, pretend some slightly uneducated readers are out there trying to enjoy your book, but are stopped short by a new word they can’t even remember how to spell let alone pronounce without a struggle! I’m so grateful for copy and paste when looking it up! Now keep in mind I read a LOT, Probably 2 books a week at least! I don’t consider myself stupid, but when I don’t even know what the root word means I’m NOT enjoying your book as much as you’d like me to. I say to myself “Are all his/her other books the same way? Do I even want to read them?”

Here’s two words I had to look up in the first 69 pages of a Romance novel?

Erudite– which means “scholarly” AND

Proselytizing which means: 1.  to convert or attempt to convert as a proselyte; recruit.

Do you see what I mean? It takes the joy out of reading when I have to run to the dictionary.


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