HEAVEN IS FOR REAL by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent

HEAVEN IS FOR REAL by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, 2010. I’ve always wanted to read this book since I believe in life after death, reincarnation and past lives. It’s the story of a little boy who dies and goes to heaven where he sits on Jesus lap and is sung to by Angels as his spirit leaves his body and he visits his parents in the waiting room. Does this boy believe in Jesus because he was taught to in Sunday School? I don’t know, I haven’t read that far yet, I’m nearly finished reading the Epilogue. I do believe that no matter what religion we believe in there are some kind of beings that meet us on the other side. Including our loved ones who passed over. They are all a higher power. Call The Creator whatever name you choose. God/Buddha/Allah.. whatever that is what will meet you on the other side. Although some people have NDE’s and go to “Hell” or so they say?? I don’t know what to think of that. I like to think there is no real Hell. What kind of Creator would send a perfectly good and redeemable soul there forever? I can see sending one there as a place to sort through their lives, like a shrinks office, but not to stay there forever, what a waste!

NOTE: I’m sorry you might not enjoy reading about my beliefs if you are Atheist, but I feel a need to express myself anyway.

NOTE: According to this book the things that boy saw in Heaven were not all good. I mean he said there are TWO swords in heaven the angels use to keep Satan out for one thing, and the other was some war that would destroy the earth and only saved souls would join God, Jesus and the Angels in heaven. (Anyway, I’m not sure what I think about all that yet, but I’m perfectly willing to read and learn about any and all things).


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