A PATCHWORK FAMILY by Charlotte Hubbard

A PATCHWORK FAMILY by Charlotte Hubbard, 2005. This book reminds me of LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. If you don’t enjoy wholesome God fearing stories, you can leave right now!  There’s religion playing a heavy role in the story line. This one takes place in Kansas where Judd and Mercedes (Mercy) Malloy, a childless couple, run a stagecoach stop. One day two children are dropped off and Mercy and Judd offered to take them in. The 10 year old boy Billy is a sweet helpful fellow but the 13 year old sister Christine is not adjusting well and has run away trying to find the mother who abandoned them to run off with some rich man. I’m going to continue reading it, cuz a little wholesomeness won’t hurt me every now and then! LOL


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