WHERE AZALEAS BLOOM by Sherryl Woods, 2012. This book is about a romance between a widower named Mitch with two grown sons and a newly divorced woman named Lynn who’s having a hard time paying the bills due to her ex-husband’s late child support checks.. They are living in their hometown, and happened to grow up and go to school together. Mitch had a crush on Lynn when he was a young boy. Here’s the teaser:

“Dad’s late with the check again, isn’t he?
How bad is it?” Lexie asked.
Lynn tried to reassure her, “We’re going to be fine, sweetie. I don’t want you to worry about this.”
“We’re not going to be fine,” Lexie retorted angrily. “How did Dad turn out to be such a huge jerk?”


4 thoughts on “WHERE AZALEAS BLOOM by Sherryl Woods.

  1. This one certainly sounds like an interesting read, but at the same time weighty. It’s so terribly sad and painful how the effects of divorce can utterly destroy a family. I do hope you come share your link with the book blog community 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!

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