Five Fun Questions About Books

1. I use a handmade book marker, I made it myself and it’s laminated. If I lose it as I do from time to time, I use a magazine card insert, a strip of paper, toilet paper or even a leaf or straw, whatever’s handy!

2. Yes I dog ear books but only if I OWN them!

3. I have my own Book Blog in WordPress and another in Facebook which I don’t use much now, plus I have a Journal where I write down what I read in authors surname alphabetical order.

4. I hardly ever flip to read the end, unless I plan on ditching the book, not finishing it, but even then I don’t usually.

5. I DO judge a book by it’s cover all the time, but the BLURB or the first few pages must be read to convince me.

Cleopatra Loves Books

Stefani from I Read Novels asked for my answers to the following five questions which are about how I choose and treat my books!

Bookshelf total

1. What do you use for a bookmark?

If I’ve read to the end of a chapter I usually just remember where I am,, I never, ever fold down the corner of a page. I do own bookmarks and I go through stages of using them but then they aren’t where I need them and I use whatever random scrap of paper I have to hand such as a receipt, removed clothes labels or tickets (preferably used)

2. Do you ever mark (dog-ear, highlight, underline, write in, etc.) your books? If you do, what kind of things do you do?

I like my books to look like new even when they’ve been read, so much so that I am often teased for not opening them fully…

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