MISS. JULIA SPEAKS HER MIND by Ann B. Ross, 2000. This book is a little “Old” for me.. the main character is old.. much older than me even, probably about 65-70 years old. So does the title sound like Miss Julia is Southern? Well she alright! Her husband of 44 years died of a heart attack in his car as soon as he pulled into the garage. Now she’s a wealthy widow and as she’s trying to adjust to being a widow she gets a knock on her door. A young woman named Hazel Marie Puckett and a small boy are standing there at her door. Hazel then informs Julia that the little boy names Wesley Loyd Junior Springer is her husband’s bastard child. (I don’t really like that word, do you?) Then she tells Julia she’s leaving the child with her so she can go to beauty school in Raleigh. Here’s a teaser:

“I’m sorry to bother you,” she said, hefting up the strap of her shoulder bag. I could see the sheen of perspiration oozing out from under her makeup as she took a deep breath and let the words pour out. “I wouldn’t do this if I could come up with anything else. But I can’t, and he didn’t leave me no choice, and I got to make a livin’. You know how it is: well maybe not. But I’m on my way to beauty school down in Raleigh. Learning nails? You know, acrylic and all? There’s money in nails, and I don’t know what else to do.”

NOTE: Well now, it does sound kind of interesting what a childless 65-year-old widow will do in this situation. I am enjoying the book for now.

I must admit the plot thickens now that I’m half way through the book…almost a low-key suspense novel.


2 thoughts on “MISS. JULIA SPEAKS HER MIND by Ann B. Ross

    • Well I might have liked what I heard for a few minutes but I had no real idea what I was listening to, I just went to their website. They’re not my usual music choice. I can’t even find the song now.

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