THE SEARCH FOR JOYFUL by Benedict and Nancy Freedman

THE SEARCH FOR JOYFUL by Benedict and Nancy Freedman, 2002. Remember the book MRS. MIKE which you may have read many years ago? Well this is the sequel to it. In the story Mrs Mike the main character Katherine Flannigan grew up in Boston and traveled to Canada where she met her husband Mike Flannigan a Canadian Mountie. She has enjoyed a special friendship with a beautiful Cree woman named Oh-Be-Joyful, who helps care for her children.  When her dear friend dies in an influenza epidemic Katherine and her husband open their hearts and home to Oh-Be-Joyful’s orphaned daughter Kathy Forquet.

The sequel is the story of young Kathy’s life in the Flannigan family and how she grew up with prejudice and grew up during the threat of WWII, during which she traveled to Montreal to train to be a nurse. Later she meets two men who are important to her. One is a Native American who teaches her about her lost heritage and the other is a wounded Austrian soldier who touches her mind and heart. Which one will she marry?

NOTE: I remember how much I enjoyed Mrs Mike, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this book also.

NOTE: Although I found the war scenes boring, I really enjoyed this book!


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