THE APPLE ORCHARD by Susan Wiggs, 2013. This book contains apple recipes! three recipes are posted in the front of the book, and one Baked Hot Chocolate recipe in the back. You gotta love it! Since I love to cook and bake I love it when a book has recipes on the food consumed in the story!

The prologue of the story starts out in the Sonoma County, California apple orchard where an 80 year old man is picking apples, he receives a phone call from a old woman friend named Annelise telling him it’s time to fess up on a longtime family secret. The last short paragraph describes his fall from the ladder.

29 year old Tess Delaney makes a living restoring stolen treasures to their rightful owners. Then she informs the client the value of the item and often suggests they sell it to the auction house she works for.  In the first chapter Tess is in the very same Annelise’s apartment returning a family heirloom necklace she found among a stolen Nazi hoard of items. Of course there is some connection between the three people. Later on Tess inherits is shocked to find she inherited half of The Apple Orchard in a town named Archangel from a grandfather she never knew she had. She shares ownership with a half sister named Isabel Johansen she never knew existed.

NOTE: This sounds like a nice story to read, I’m enjoying the story very much so far. Highly Recommended.


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