THOSE WE LOVE THE MOST by Lee Woodruff, 2012. My cousin gave me this trade paperback over a month ago but I was put off by the depressing subject matter- the death of a 9 year old child, so I read a chapter and set it aside.Now I’m desperate for a good book so I’m reading it despite the subject matter.

There are two couples involved in the story. The parents of the deceased child are Maura and Pete Corrigan, and they have another son and a two year old daughter. Maura’s parents Roger and Margaret are trying to help them through this tragedy, but all four adults have other things to contend with besides the death of their beloved child. There’s a mistress Roger has to deal with, and his memory is lacking these days. Maura blames herself for her child’s death and she seems to have an emotional affair to deal with. Last but not least is the teenage driver who accidentally killed their son is asking for forgiveness. A lot if guilt in this story from one thing or another.


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