THE VIOLET SEASON by Kathy Leonard Czepiel

THE VIOLET SEASON by Kathy Leonard Czepiel, 2012. This flea market find is by a writer I have never heard of, hopefully it’s a good book. The plot of the book is unusual. The main character Ida Fletcher is living in the Hudson Valley on a farm owned by the Fletcher family which is turning a generous profit for her husbands brothers. Ida is married to the youngest Fletcher brother, who happens to be the black sheep in the family. Ida has taken up wet nursing to help pay the bills. (Now isn’t that an unusual career choice?) Ida Fletcher and her daughter Alice risk loosing their share of the farm and the two women make many sacrifices for their family’s survival that will cause ill feelings between them.

NOTE: As a woman who nursed her daughter for 6 months, I find the thought of making a living from “Wet Nursing” highly unusual. How did she keep the milk going after her daughter was weaned? Hopefully the book will hold my interest. I find the setting for the story interesting since my FRENCH ancestors lived in the Hudson Valley, and New York City.

NOTE: So far I am enjoying this book. I’m nearly finished reading it, I’ll start a new book before days end!


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