My Blog is One Year Old Today!

August 12, 2013 I wrote my first book review! I even have 53 followers! (I had no idea, I just looked it up!) I know some people have thousands of followers, but I never gave that a real thought for myself, it’s a free will world and I “Go with the flow.” Thank you for even caring to read my opinions on books I read, and I do have very small following in my own hometown. mom, a cousin, a few women from our small town library, from which mom is head librarian. It’s a volunteer job- she’s 79 years old by the way..

Right now I’m really engrossed in THE KEY, A True Encounter, by Whitley Strieber, and when I need a break from reality I’m reading OLIVE KITTERIDGE.


16 thoughts on “My Blog is One Year Old Today!

  1. Hi Lorraine, I will read it. And congrats! you made it past one year! 95% quit within the first year, so you are a winner!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! My mother was the librarian of the library in McEwensville when I was a child. I have wonderful memories of spending many happy afternoons helping her in that little cottage library.

    • I come from a family of readers. Grandma kept reading until her eyesight failed in her 90’s. Aunt Alice helped found our small volunteer library, she’s gone now, but mom runs it.

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