THE KEY, A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber

THE KEY, A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber, 2011.

I bought this reprint at the flea market yesterday along with 3 Trade Paperbacks. I have a burning quest to have my questions answered which is why I delve into the “Unexplained” and unsolved mysteries of life. If you don’t believe in the mystical, spiritual and far out stuff you might not like this book. I on the other hand find it interesting.

It’s hard for me to give a summary Here’s some of the book blurb:

“At two thirty in the morning of June 6, 1998, Whitley Strieber was awakened by somebody knocking on his hotel room door. A man came in, and everything he said was life-altering.

This is the unsettling and ultimately enlightening narrative of what happened that night. Strieber was never really sure who this uncanny visitor was- a “Master of Wisdom”? A figure from a different realm of consciousness? A preternaturally intelligent being? He decided to cal him “The Master f the Key”.

The one thing of which Strieber was certain is that both the man and the encounter were real.

The main concern of the Master of the Key is to save us from self-imprisonment. “Mankind is trapped,” the stranger tells Strieber, and “I want to help you spring the trap.” In a sweeping exchange between Strieber and the stranger– which takes the form of a classical student-teacher dialog in pursuit of inner understanding- the unknown guest provides a lesson inhuman potential, esoteric psychology, and man’s fate. He illuminates why man has been caught in a cycle of repeat violence and self-destruction–and and the slender, but very real, possibility of release.”

This book is on par with major contemporary metaphysical traditions, such as A COURSE IN MIRACLES, and the teachings of Edgar Cayce, D. T. Suzuki and Carl Jung.

NOTE: I’ll have to tell you more about it later.

NOTE: I understand this book may make some folks uncomfortable, but my whole being, my reason for living  is about being REAL and not lying to myself or you. About waking up to the truth.


5 thoughts on “THE KEY, A True Encounter by Whitley Strieber

  1. Flea market finds are my kind of book. I especially enjoy being surprised by what is inside an unknown book that often was written in a different era. Sometimes I’m disappointed, but I’m often pleasantly surprised.

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