SHOUT DOWN THE MOON by Lisa Tucker ***** 5 Star!

SHOUT DOWN THE MOON by Lisa Tucker, 2004. Lisa Tucker also wrote the bestseller THE SONG READER, which I have yet to read. So far I’m enjoying this old paperback with yellowing pages. Here’s excerpts of the blurb:
“Patty Taylor, mother of 2 and 1/2 year old Willie whom she adores. Patty is a completely disrespected singer in a jazz band, that travels to new gigs all the time with her son in tow. One hot summer day in Kentucky Patty finds Willie’s father Rick waiting outside her hotel room. He was recently paroled from prison on a drug bust and he’s intent on having her and their son back. Patty is just as intent on having Rick out of her life. This is the story of patty’s journey from being a woman who puts up with anything to becoming a powerful voice that can bring the house down.”

NOTE: This is also an EASY READER meaning the writing style is easy on the eyes, not complicated!

NOTE: I highly recommend this book! I read it one day! I gave the book to my cousin to read last night before bed, and she had the book all read by noon! It’s THAT good!


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