Flea Marketing for Books

This morning I’m off to the indoor/outdoor flea market looking for more books to read.  I actually have over a dozen paperback books stock piled in my bedroom but I have left them in the unread pile because I was unsure I liked the blurbs enough to read the whole book. I saved them for when I’m down to the nitty-gritty.

I bought 2 books I’ve already read, oh well I do that from time to time.


QUEEN OF BROKEN HEARTS by Cassandra King, 2007. The first book I ever read by Cassandra King was THE SUNDAY WIFE, and it didn’t have an extremely happy ending, but I did enjoy the book anyway. QUEEN OF BROKEN HEARTS is about a widow named Clare who lives in Fairhope, Alabama and works from her home office as a divorce counselor. Clare has some male friends with odd names: Rye short for Ryman, Lex, and Son, who is married to Dory, which is an odd name for a female. Son and Dory were college friends of Clare.

Here’s the teaser:

“I’ve told you Zoe Catherine, that Lex and I aren’t lovers. We’re just good friends.,” I protested. “not that it’s any of your business.”

She hooted at that. “oh, bull. No such thing as being friends with a man. They’re only good for one thing, and it ain’t being your girlfriend. She straightened up in her chair and eyed me suspiciously. “Don’t tell me he’s queer.”  (Mind you this is Clare’s mother-in-law talking and there’s not always political correctness from the older generation).

I’ll have to let you know how the book is later.

THE VIOLET SEASON by Kathy Leonard Czepiel

THE VIOLET SEASON by Kathy Leonard Czepiel, 2012. This flea market find is by a writer I have never heard of, hopefully it’s a good book. The plot of the book is unusual. The main character Ida Fletcher is living in the Hudson Valley on a farm owned by the Fletcher family which is turning a generous profit for her husbands brothers. Ida is married to the youngest Fletcher brother, who happens to be the black sheep in the family. Ida has taken up wet nursing to help pay the bills. (Now isn’t that an unusual career choice?) Ida Fletcher and her daughter Alice risk loosing their share of the farm and the two women make many sacrifices for their family’s survival that will cause ill feelings between them.

NOTE: As a woman who nursed her daughter for 6 months, I find the thought of making a living from “Wet Nursing” highly unusual. How did she keep the milk going after her daughter was weaned? Hopefully the book will hold my interest. I find the setting for the story interesting since my FRENCH ancestors lived in the Hudson Valley, and New York City.

NOTE: So far I am enjoying this book. I’m nearly finished reading it, I’ll start a new book before days end!

WOMEN of the SILK by Gail Tsukiyama

WOMEN of the SILK by Gail Tsukiyama, 1991. West Coast Bestseller in hardcover form. This story takes place in 1926 China “where a group of women forge a sisterhood amidst the reeling machines that reverberate and clamor in a vast silk factory from dawn until dusk.The young women lead the first strike the village has ever seen, the young women use the atrength of their ambition, dreams and friendship to achieve the freedom they could never have hoped for on their own.”  The story starts out in the year 1919.

Here is the teaser:

“Yes, Yu-sung” said Ching. “There is the head, the baby comes, the baby comes!”

   And there between her mother’s legs Pei could see the baby’s head emerge. It was a dark, wet, ugly thing, sliding out so slowly with each push. She wanted to step forward and see more, but her legs felt weak. When Pei turned around to share this with Li, she she saw that Li had her eyes closed tight, even as her hands continued mending the cotton trousers.”

NOTE: Will this book be depressing to the sensitive reader? Perhaps, it’s a life of hardship as are most of the Asian novels I read. They write of real life in all it’s glory and sadness.</p

So far I'm enjoying the book, reading about another lifestyle, another century.

Should You Read a Book To Review It?

I don’t give a typical book review. I don’t pick it apart to analyze it. I just let you know how enjoyable is was or wasn’t. I do my own rating system.


Reviewing 101, 100_1498right?

First you read the book, then you review it.

THE OTHER was a recent recipient of a ‘2′ rating and a very critical review from someone who admitted he/she stopped reading after just a few pages.

Fair enough. Stop reading if the book is not your cup of tea. But don’t review it. You haven’t read it.

I’m normally fairly thick skinned about reviews, all authors need to be. There’s all kinds of folks out there and all kinds of opinions. But an author has no way to undo the damage done by a very critical review by a non-reader.

Of its 36 reviews on Amazon, THE OTHER has received two other ‘2′ ratings. I suspect both readers expected it to be something it wasn’t. Fair enough. They didn’t like it. But at least they read it.

Why is it so important to read a book to review…

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RAIN SONG by Alice J. Wisler

RAIN SONG by Alice J. Wisler, 2008. I bought this one at the flea market last Sunday.


This is the story of Nichole Michelin who avoids airplanes, motorcycles and most of all Japan where her parents worked as missionaries. Something happened to her mother in Japan, so Nichole and her father returned to America alone. Nichole remembers only bits and pieces of what happened in the past, but she is content with her cozy little life in Mount Olive, North Carolina, with her quirky relatives, a tank of lively fish and plenty of homemade pineapple chutney.

Meanwhile Nichole meets a young man named Harrison Michaels through her on-line column for the Pretty Fishy website. and much to her dismay Harrison lives in Japan and he is eager to meet her. She attempts to avoid him, but his e-mails tug at her heart.

Then Harrison reveals he knew her as a child in Japan and even seems to know more about her childhood than she does. It seems Nichole must face her fears and go to Japan and find out more about her childhood and meet this most interesting man.

Here’s the teaser:

“Since the death of my mother, Ducee has practically raised me. Although I lived with my father until I graduated from high school, during those years, my summers and school breaks were always spent at Ducee’s house. She knows I have a mole the shape of an apple on my lower back and that even at age thirty-one I continue to sleep with a cloth kimono doll.”

NOTE: I’m really enjoying this book, Although it has occasional Scripture quotes it’s not heavy on the Biblical jargon. 

My Blog is One Year Old Today!

August 12, 2013 I wrote my first book review! I even have 53 followers! (I had no idea, I just looked it up!) I know some people have thousands of followers, but I never gave that a real thought for myself, it’s a free will world and I “Go with the flow.” Thank you for even caring to read my opinions on books I read, and I do have very small following in my own hometown. mom, a cousin, a few women from our small town library, from which mom is head librarian. It’s a volunteer job- she’s 79 years old by the way..

Right now I’m really engrossed in THE KEY, A True Encounter, by Whitley Strieber, and when I need a break from reality I’m reading OLIVE KITTERIDGE.