APE HOUSE BY Sara Gruen *****

APE HOUSE BY Sara Gruen, 2011. Remember WATER FOR ELEPHANTS? Well Sara Gruen also wrote that book. This is the story of Isabel Duncan, a scientist at the Great Ape Language Lab and she doesn’t understand humans half as much as she does the American sign language speaking apes she works with. But that all changes when she meets John Thigpen, a very married reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer who came to the Ape House to interview Isabel about her life as a scientist for the Apes.. Shortly afterwards there is an explosion at the Lab and Isobel is injured. John returns to write another story on the explosion and helps Isobel reconnect with the human beings in her world so they can save the apes from exploitation. So far it seems like a good book.

NOTE: It seems the APE HOUSE is a building the highly sexual bonobos apes were sent to when they were sold, it’s an online moneymaking scheme where viewers pay to watch their sexual acts. Meanwhile they use their ASL skills to ask for the things they want.

NOTE: This is a REAL good book, I highly recommend it!


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