BAD GIRL CREEK by Jo-Ann Mapson

Bad Girl Creek2

BAD GIRL CREEK by Jo-Ann Mapson, 2002. This National Bestseller is about 38 year old Phoebe De Thomas who is wheelchair bound and who inherits a flower farm from her Aunt Sadie. Phoebe takes on three roommates who help her run the farm. It promises to be a good book so I’ll let you know what I think later.

Phoebe has accepted the homeless woman Ness (short for Preciousness) and her horse Leroy as her first roommate(s). Ness has a secret she’s keeping for the other women who live in Phoebe’s large farm house.

Nance was nearly homeless but after a extensive and honestly answered questionnaire she was accepted into the household with her dog Duchess.

Beryl was getting kicked out of her apartment due to her noisy cussing bird and the fact that she lied on her lease application that she’s an ex-con. Yet again Phoebe accepted her into her home even knowing what crime she committed.

This really is a good book..

Here a random excerpt from the book:
“Nance’s squeals of glee seem to rise to the ceiling, and Ness is laughing so hard she has to sit down. “M—– F—–!” Verde puts in, adding his two cents, and who would believe it’s Phoebe, wheeling herself back into the kitchen, who answers him back, matching him word for word and then some.
She has a book on her lap. “I want to read you guys something from my aunts gardening journal,” she says, and flips to a page she has marked with a blue ribbon. “Hair of the horse, hair of the d0g, soft fur of the rabbit, or your own human hair. If you scatter a little deep into the beds you mulch, the mineral content will be greatly improved beyond any of the stuff available commercially.'” She shuts the book and looks at us. “What do you think? Should we try it?”


EDDIE’S BASTARD by William Kowalski

EDDIE’S BASTARD by William Kowalski, 1999. This is a coming of age story about William Amos Mann IV, also known as Billy, is the son of a heroic pilot killed in the Vietnam war and an unknown woman. Billy is an Irish American and last in his family’s line, he was raised by his hard drinking grandfather Thomas Mann. I’m really enjoying this old Trade Paperback, I’ll read more from this author in the future.

NOTE: Read this book! You won’t be sorry!

APE HOUSE BY Sara Gruen *****

APE HOUSE BY Sara Gruen, 2011. Remember WATER FOR ELEPHANTS? Well Sara Gruen also wrote that book. This is the story of Isabel Duncan, a scientist at the Great Ape Language Lab and she doesn’t understand humans half as much as she does the American sign language speaking apes she works with. But that all changes when she meets John Thigpen, a very married reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer who came to the Ape House to interview Isabel about her life as a scientist for the Apes.. Shortly afterwards there is an explosion at the Lab and Isobel is injured. John returns to write another story on the explosion and helps Isobel reconnect with the human beings in her world so they can save the apes from exploitation. So far it seems like a good book.

NOTE: It seems the APE HOUSE is a building the highly sexual bonobos apes were sent to when they were sold, it’s an online moneymaking scheme where viewers pay to watch their sexual acts. Meanwhile they use their ASL skills to ask for the things they want.

NOTE: This is a REAL good book, I highly recommend it!

THE ROSIE PROJECT by Graeme Simsion *****

THE ROSIE PROJECT by Graeme Simsion, 2013, an Advanced Reader’s Edition. It says “THE COMPULSIVELY READABLE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER” at the top of the cover. I have never read such a book. Graeme Simsion is from Melbourne Australia of all places. I don’t usually read books written by people from England, with all their informal slangs and VERY formal utterances, and I was afraid I wouldn’t like it, since Australians are largly from the UK aren’t they? But what do I know? I’m an unworldly 55 year old white woman. On top of that I don’t read many books written by men.. (Isn’t that a shame?) But I find I like the rather quirky, GEEKY main character so far. His name is Don Tillman and he’s a Professor of Genetics, who has a brilliant scientific mind (and it’s hinted he’s got high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome with his ability to memorize things), but doesn’t get too far with the ladies, never has a second date.. he bombs out on them all, but he’s now on a quest to find the perfect partner. Then in walks Rosie Jarman a woman who is on a quest of her own looking for her biological father and she asks Don Tillman to help her. How can he help her? I have no idea, I haven’t met her character yet, I’m only on page 14. Rosie bombs out on Don’s Wife Project list of credentials, she’s the complete opposite of his requirements for a perfect partner, but he’s getting used to having her and her unpredictable ways.

NOTE: I’m really enjoying this book! It’s NOT like a typical British author’s book.. It’s much like how we talk here in the USA!


THE PUB ACROSS THE POND by Mary Carter, 2011. Here’s a new author and I’m really enjoying her work. This is the story of an American Irish/Jew from Cleveland, Ohio who wins a pub in Ireland in a $20.00 raffle. Carlene Rivers is a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed, 30 year old single white woman who seems to have the worst luck with boyfriends and almost anything else! Here she is in Ireland trying to run this pub without much help from the family who owned the pub and ran the raffle. It seems quite a few townsfolk aren’t very friendly towards her. Last thing I read Carlene was stuck in the Bog she owns behind the pub, and sexy Ronan McBride pulled her out.. He’s a 30 something single Irish guy who was unlucky in love and now has a gambling problem, not to mention how much he and all the regulars drink in a day! LOL


TEMPTATION RIDGE A Virgin River Novel by Robyn Carr, 2009. Well here I am 55-year-old (with nary a sex life at this point! Ugh!), reading about sexy 20 and 30 something characters. This is a sequel to a few of the others in the series so the people are familiar to me. Of course the characters are all sexy and filled with passion and have the BEST sex life that I never had! HA! This one is about a woman named Shelby, age 25 who’s come to Virgin River for a few months to stay with her uncle before starting nursing school in the all. She meets up with sexy, virile 38-year-old Luke Riordan, a handsome Blackhawk pilot who just retired from the army. He’s telling himself he’s too old for her, but hey does that ever stop anyone when the sexual attraction is too big to handle?