JOELLE’S SECRET by Gilbert Morris

JOELLE’S SECRET by Gilbert Morris, 2008. Remember Gilbert Morris? The former pastor now an English professor and very prolific Christian writer? I really do enjoy his writing, except when he comes out preaching. But I manage to push it into the background and read the story anyway. This one is about an orphaned 17 year old Joelle Lynn Mitchell who runs away from her evil stepfather soon after her mother dies. It seems that Burl Harper wants her in his bed with or without a marriage certificate. He has a warrant out for her arrest claiming she stole from him. Of course she didn’t. She meets up with Owen Majors, a recently released Ex-Con who really wasn’t guilty of the crime. Anyway, Owen think Joelle is a young man because that’s how she hid her identity while on the run from her stepfather. He eventually finds out of course, and I suppose they fall in love. Morris’s books usually have a happy ending and the hero and or heroine usually get “saved”.


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