Free Books in a Small Town

I live in a very small town of under 1000 people. We have a small diner here and the owner has a collection of free books she lets folks borrow. Some folks never bring them back when they’re done.. (namely me). I forget and usually donate them to our local small town library located in 2 former classrooms in our 1890’s historical school. I went to the nearest gas station which is 3 miles up the road, and discovered that they also have free books sitting on a shelf above the Hershey’s ice cream freezer, which is where I got the book I’m reading now. I told the woman checking me out I would return it. Well have my son return it at least since he frequents the gas station so much for milk, lunch meat, hoagies, frozen dinners and gas. So at least if I’m desperate for a book (since the library is only open 3 days a week from 1-4 PM), I can go there or the diner across town, which I could walk to if I had to.


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