THE SUNDAY WIFE by Cassandra King

THE SUNDAY WIFE by Cassandra King, 2002. This is the story of a Florida Methodist Minister’s wife. Dean Lynch is a middle aged minister’s wife and it’s not just her name that’s unusual. Dean and Benjamin Lynch have been married for over 20 years, and all this time Dean never felt she fit in, creating social blunders all the while. But when she meets Augusta Holderfield her whole life changes. In the prologue you are drawn in to the present moment, Dean is all alone driving to a trailer home in Grayton Beach on the Florida panhandle to recover from something horrible which happened to her after she moved to Crystal Springs Florida with her husband. Dean never fit in and was ignored by her husbands congregation after she befriended Augusta and her gay friends Rich and Godwin who later married enraging the residents of Crystal Springs and the Methodist Church congregation. Now I won’t tell you anymore.. I’m having hard time putting this book down to get things done around the house this morning.


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