TWO RIVERS by T. Greenwood

TWO RIVERS by T. Greenwood, 2009. Who is T. Greenwood anyway? I had no idea if it were a man or a woman. Since the story is told from a man’s point of view I can assume it’s a man right? There is no photo or BIO of the author either.. So I went read the Acknowledgement page and saw the reference to Greenwood’s MERMAMA BLOG, which makes me think T. is a woman… I’ll have to see about that blog and let you know. Here’s T. Greenwood’s Mermama Blog link! …. Yes SHE is a real mama! LOL

Harper Montgomery is the 34-year-old father of a young motherless girl named Shelly. His wife Betsy died when she was a mere 22 years old when Shelly was a one year old. But for many years now Harper has felt grief and guilt ever since he and his teenage friends committed a brutal crime on a local black man. Meanwhile Harper married Betsy, his childhood sweetheart and Shelly was born, a year later Betsy has died. Harper works for the local railroad and when the train derails and kills several people, Harper shows up to try to save people, and happens upon a survivor, a pregnant 15-year-old black girl named Maggie, whom he takes home after she refuses to contact her family. Harper is trying to atone for the sins of his past..but can he? Yes I AM enjoying this book.


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