SUMMER BREEZE by Nancy Thayer

SUMMER BREEZE by Nancy Thayer (2012), who also wrote BEACHCOMBERS and HEAT WAVE. This is the story of three women and what happens to them as they live on Dragonfly Lake in the Berkshires.
Morgan O’Keefe is a stay at home mother who misses her old job. Her husband’s new job leaves him very little time for his family and he’s dwelling on impressing rich, high powered clients, mush to Morgan’s dismay. She wishes they had their old life back even if it meant not living in their expensive new home.
Natalie Reynolds moves from New York City to Dragonfly Lake to house-sit for her aunt all summer. She longs to support herself painting pictures on canvas, meanwhile she’s attracted to her neighbor’s son Ben.
Bella Barnaby quit her job in Austin, Texas to come home and help her mother in the outdated family business while she recuperates from a broken leg. Meanwhile she has her own plans to remake the family business into one she can profit from also, and allow her to move back to her hometown permanently.


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