HALF BROKE HORSES by Jeannette Walls

HALF BROKE HORSES- A True Life Novel by Jeannette Walls (2010). This was a New York Times Bestseller! I was drawn to the photo of poor country kids on the cover, plus the first few sentences drew me in even more: “Those old cows knew trouble was coming before we did. It was late on an August afternoon, the air was hot and heavy like it usually was in the rainy season.”
Why am I reading another true life story? Well this type suits me better I hope. This is the story of Lily Casey Smith the grandmother of Jeannette Walls. Lily was quite a character, who was helping her father break horses at age six! (Can you imagine?). At age fifteen she left home to become a teacher in a frontier town , riding 500 miles alone to get there! Now that sure does sound interesting. Lily survived all sorts of ordeals, such as tornadoes, floods, fires, droughts, the Great Depression, and a most heartbreaking tragedy. (I won’t tell you as I don’t know it yet anyway!). She also experienced prejudice as a woman even though she was a tough and strong and smart as any man. The book is “destined to become a classic.”, so it says on the back cover.. so maybe your own kids and grand-kids will read it for a book report someday!

I LOVED this book! And highly recommend it!


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