78 Year Old Leather Binder of Girl Scout Notes

I love flea marketing where I usually search for books to read and then donate to the local library, some I keep like the spiritual awakening ones and any about unusual subjects like archeology, UFO’s and Past Lives. Over the past weekend my cousin and I went to a nice medium-sized flea market in New Jersey. There I found a 78-year-old leather scrap-book and pocket binder loaded with loose page stories from STORY PARADE, which look like they came from a book printer, hand typed pages of stories and poems on tissue thin paper and carbon paper dated 1936, (did she write the stories, or were they a supplement to a Girl Scout magazine, or did she type them from a book to use in her notes?). There were dozens of pages pasted in of ALONG THE EDITOR’S TRAIL articles with handwritten notes on them, cut from a magazine and several moralistic articles which always began with: “I AM A GIRL WHO- (with different endings such as: “I Am a Girl Who- always needed someone for a prop, until I fortunately discovered that life was much more fun when one stood firmly on one’s own two feet”, and I Am a Girl Who- used to be the most envious creature alive. I simply could not appreciate anything I had if a friend had something that I preferred”. Plus other stories cut out from children’s magazines, and other things I failed to list.

So here I am all excited to have bought a possible Girl Scout Organization treasure and when I contacted the Eastern PA Girl Scouts on Facebook I was surprised to get no reply! Why aren’t they interested? Why didn’t they jump on this treasure? Finally I contacted the GIRL SCOUT MUSEUM yesterday to see if they wouldn’t be interested, but have gotten no reply yet.

NOTE: The Girl Scout Museum doesn’t want it! Unbelievable!


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