SUMMER BREEZE by Nancy Thayer

SUMMER BREEZE by Nancy Thayer (2012), who also wrote BEACHCOMBERS and HEAT WAVE. This is the story of three women and what happens to them as they live on Dragonfly Lake in the Berkshires.
Morgan O’Keefe is a stay at home mother who misses her old job. Her husband’s new job leaves him very little time for his family and he’s dwelling on impressing rich, high powered clients, mush to Morgan’s dismay. She wishes they had their old life back even if it meant not living in their expensive new home.
Natalie Reynolds moves from New York City to Dragonfly Lake to house-sit for her aunt all summer. She longs to support herself painting pictures on canvas, meanwhile she’s attracted to her neighbor’s son Ben.
Bella Barnaby quit her job in Austin, Texas to come home and help her mother in the outdated family business while she recuperates from a broken leg. Meanwhile she has her own plans to remake the family business into one she can profit from also, and allow her to move back to her hometown permanently.


LITTLE NIGHT by Luanne Rice

LITTLE NIGHT by Luanne Rice, (2012). Now this is a REAL GOOD BOOK! I highly recommend it even though I’ve only read 67 pages so far. This story takes place in New York City where Clare and her sister Anne were born and raised, although the Prologue takes place in a prison where Clare Burke the main character is being booked for attacking her controlling brother-in-law. Now why was she assaulting him with a burning log from the fireplace? I’ll let you find out yourself, but it gets very interesting when her niece whom she wasn’t allowed to speak to after her arrest comes to visit her 20 years later.

MY HERO by Debbie Macomber

MY HERO by Debbie Macomber, (1992). This is a bit of FLUFF story. Debbie Macomber probably wrote and edited it in 30 days! This is the story of a amateur writer who’s having a problem with the “Hero” in her story. The “Hero”  Parker Davidson is the romantic partner for the female character named Bailey York. There’s just not much to say about this book, I was slightly bored by it.


LITTLE ALTARS EVERYWHERE by Rebecca Wells (1992). This old book was almost unread by me, but I was down to my last 3 books and it seemed the best at hand, even though it was “Iffy” in my mind. In the end it’s an okay book taking place in a small town in Louisiana full of quirky characters. Each chapter is one characters viewpoint as the years go by. The characters are Siddalee, the main one and her siblings, Little Shep, Baylor, and Lulu and their often drunken mom Viviane and dad Big Shep. The chapters jump around throughout the years.. 1963 to 1962 to 1962 to 1967 and back to 1965. It’s crazy really. Part Two consists of 1990 and 1991 only. I’m about half done though.. I’m too busy to read at all in one or 2 days.

Here’s Find a Grave information on Martha Allen Carrier, Sarah Carrier Chapman’s mother. THE HERETIC’S DAUGHTER. This Find a Grave is confusing in that it atates that Sarah Carrier married a man named JOHNSON, yet when I do research on her all the websites, books insist she married John CHAPMAN.

THE HERETIC’S DAUGHTER by Kathleen Kent (2009)

THE HERETIC’S DAUGHTER by Kathleen Kent (2009). From the teacher’s lounge this book had a $1.00 sticker on it, so nice to see recycled reading. This book is a National Bestseller, but I knew nothing about it until my daughter gave it to me. This is the story of Sarah Carrier Chapman age 71, told in her own words to her granddaughter 60 years after the Salem Witch Trials. Her story starts out the year before the Salem Witch Trials when 9 year old Sarah moved with her family to Salem. Sarah’s mother Martha becomes one of the women accused of witchcraft, just one of more than 200 men, women and children who were taken to prison due to the hysteria and superstition. In an attempt to protect her children Martha asks Sarah to commit an at of heresy- a lie that will condemn Martha but save her daughter. I’ll report back later, although so far the book seems to flow along well, as it is told from 9 year old Sarah’s point of view.

NOTE: The above Find A Grave obit states that Sarah Carrier married a JOHNSON, and this obviously is incorrect, unless she was married twice and I found no evidence of that so far. What I find interesting is that I have the name Chapman in my family tree in relation to the Gardner family of which I am a descendant,


THE CROWNING GLORY OF CALLA LILY PONDER by Rebecca Wells (2009). Wells is better known for her book DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD. Hopefully this book will be a good as that movie, although I don’t think I finished watching the whole movie so I never read that book she wrote! This story takes place in the small river town of La Luna in Louisiana. Calla Lily Ponder is living a charmed life in La Luna until it is cut short when her mother dies of stage four breast cancer and first love Tuck leaves her with a broken heart after high school graduation. Then Calla Lily with her “healing hands” takes off for New Orleans to further her education at a fancy beauty academy.This is a book full of love magic. A little eccentric and little magical .. not a bad thing.

NOTE: I really enjoyed this book! Give it a try, if you don’t mind a little “magic!