SKYWARD by Mary Alice Monroe

SKYWARD by Mary Alice Monroe, (2003). I usually enjoy Mary Alice Monroe’s books and this one seems like a great book too. This is the story of Harris Henderson, a single father who rehabilitates wild birds in a birds-of-prey sanctuary in South Carolina. Harris has a frightened 5 year old daughter named Marion who was just diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.
Ella Majors is a burned out E.R. nurse who accepts a temporary position as a caregiver to Marion who notices that her father related better to the birds he rehabilitates than he does to his daughter. Slowly everyone seems to be healing when Marion’s mother returns to stir things up. As we all figured out Ella and Harris are probably falling in love, and she falls in love with Harris and his daughter. It’s a nice little complicated love story.. nothing wrong with that!

NOTE: I really enjoyed this book!


2 thoughts on “SKYWARD by Mary Alice Monroe

  1. This sounds like one I would enjoy! I love birds, rehabilitation from injuries and romance! 😉 (I had to go through physical therapy about five years ago for a slightly torn rotator cuff which is my right arm, the one I draw and paint with! :

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