CHICKAHOMINY FEVER by Ann McMillan (2003). Well here’s another Civil War story, I guess it’s fitting since the Civil War started in April. Did you ever read ACROSS FIVE APRILS in junior high school? I did, it was kinda sad, and I should reread it someday. I have no objection reading books for older teens and young adults.
CHICKAHOMINY FEVER starts out in Richmond, Virginia in Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s office, where Brigadier General Henry Wise gives him a letter stating the weak spots in the city’s defenses. The letter was thought to be destroyed unopened, but a maidservant/spy stole it from the fire. Meanwhile Confederate nurse Narcissa Powers is trying to help a woman locate the body of her soldier son while a black herbalist named Judah Daniel is searching for the mother of an abandoned black infant. Meanwhile the letter finds it’s way to the heart of Richmond’s Unionist network. I see that this is a nice mystery book of sorts, here’s hoping I don’t get bored with all the war jargon.


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