THE RICHEST SEASON by Maryann McFadden

THE RICHEST SEASON by Maryann McFadden, (2008). Here’s another person who’s running away from life as she knows it. Another unhappy soul who wants to start over. Since the runaway is middle aged like me, (well perhaps a decade younger), it sounds interesting. Joanna Harrison is tired of moving- 12 times in 25 years! She’s tired of being a “Corporate wife.” Tired of coming in last to her husbands business obligations, so she takes off, driving from icy, frozen New Jersey to
Pawleys Island in North Carolina, where the breezes are warm. She left her husband a voice mail when she got to her destination saying “I’m leaving! I’ve been lonely and unhappy for a long time.” Joanna has two grown children but only got to see them 48 hours over Christmas holidays due to their busy schedules. It sounds like an interesting book as I read about Joanna’s adjustment to her new life and how her husband Paul loses his job and his wife. Will they get back together?


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