FIRST IMPRESSIONS by Nora Roberts, (1984). The book has a totally white cover with a background of snow covered pine trees and a hand holding a red and glittery gold trimmed Christmas ball, so now you know, it’s a Christmas novel. This is another quick read, large type book borrowed from the neighboring town library. This one is about a handsome, rather unfriendly acting, wealthy businessman named Vance Banning, VANCE? What kind of name is Vance? Vance is posing as an out of work carpenter, he really who just wants to be left alone and have a nice vacation from the rat race and women in general. His pretty little neighbor Shane Abbott is a very beautiful, gracious, and persistent woman who only wants to help Vance gain employment and she offers to hire him for a a very small amount of money, as it’s all she can afford. Vance just wants to be alone as he was burned once by a beautiful woman, and he manages to be very stand offish to Shane’s kindness. Well it’s a nice little book with a predictable happy ending.

NOTE: Besides being a cute little romance about temperamental people, it has lots of hot graphic sex.. but you might need that to rev up your sex life!


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