SKYWARD by Mary Alice Monroe

SKYWARD by Mary Alice Monroe, (2003). I usually enjoy Mary Alice Monroe’s books and this one seems like a great book too. This is the story of Harris Henderson, a single father who rehabilitates wild birds in a birds-of-prey sanctuary in South Carolina. Harris has a frightened 5 year old daughter named Marion who was just diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.
Ella Majors is a burned out E.R. nurse who accepts a temporary position as a caregiver to Marion who notices that her father related better to the birds he rehabilitates than he does to his daughter. Slowly everyone seems to be healing when Marion’s mother returns to stir things up. As we all figured out Ella and Harris are probably falling in love, and she falls in love with Harris and his daughter. It’s a nice little complicated love story.. nothing wrong with that!

NOTE: I really enjoyed this book!



CHICKAHOMINY FEVER by Ann McMillan (2003). Well here’s another Civil War story, I guess it’s fitting since the Civil War started in April. Did you ever read ACROSS FIVE APRILS in junior high school? I did, it was kinda sad, and I should reread it someday. I have no objection reading books for older teens and young adults.
CHICKAHOMINY FEVER starts out in Richmond, Virginia in Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s office, where Brigadier General Henry Wise gives him a letter stating the weak spots in the city’s defenses. The letter was thought to be destroyed unopened, but a maidservant/spy stole it from the fire. Meanwhile Confederate nurse Narcissa Powers is trying to help a woman locate the body of her soldier son while a black herbalist named Judah Daniel is searching for the mother of an abandoned black infant. Meanwhile the letter finds it’s way to the heart of Richmond’s Unionist network. I see that this is a nice mystery book of sorts, here’s hoping I don’t get bored with all the war jargon.


THE HOUSE OF WINSLOW SERIES: THE LAST CONFEDERATE, 1860 by Gilbert Morris, (1990). This is the story of Sky and Rebekah Winslow who return from Oregon City to settle on a plantation in Virginia. A young northerner named Thad Novak is hired to work on the plantation, but can the northerner be trusted? What are his motives? The Winslow boys and Thad Novak are conscripted to fight in a war they don’t believe in since it forces them to fight against the Winslow relatives from the North.

Well, as you may know Gilbert Morris is a former pastor who became a Professor of English at Ouachita Baptist University of Arkansas, so it has a little Bible talk weaved in amongst the story.

NOTE: I didn’t finish this book, for some reason the War talk bored me.


My daughter is due to give birth to my second grandchild, so today I have to travel a few hours to her house so I’m ready to babysit her daughter at a moments notice while she’s in labor. Yesterday I went to our small local library and took out 8 books to read while I’m gone, I already posted the first today. I’ll have to let you know what I like.

THE RICHEST SEASON by Maryann McFadden

THE RICHEST SEASON by Maryann McFadden, (2008). Here’s another person who’s running away from life as she knows it. Another unhappy soul who wants to start over. Since the runaway is middle aged like me, (well perhaps a decade younger), it sounds interesting. Joanna Harrison is tired of moving- 12 times in 25 years! She’s tired of being a “Corporate wife.” Tired of coming in last to her husbands business obligations, so she takes off, driving from icy, frozen New Jersey to
Pawleys Island in North Carolina, where the breezes are warm. She left her husband a voice mail when she got to her destination saying “I’m leaving! I’ve been lonely and unhappy for a long time.” Joanna has two grown children but only got to see them 48 hours over Christmas holidays due to their busy schedules. It sounds like an interesting book as I read about Joanna’s adjustment to her new life and how her husband Paul loses his job and his wife. Will they get back together?


FIRST IMPRESSIONS by Nora Roberts, (1984). The book has a totally white cover with a background of snow covered pine trees and a hand holding a red and glittery gold trimmed Christmas ball, so now you know, it’s a Christmas novel. This is another quick read, large type book borrowed from the neighboring town library. This one is about a handsome, rather unfriendly acting, wealthy businessman named Vance Banning, VANCE? What kind of name is Vance? Vance is posing as an out of work carpenter, he really who just wants to be left alone and have a nice vacation from the rat race and women in general. His pretty little neighbor Shane Abbott is a very beautiful, gracious, and persistent woman who only wants to help Vance gain employment and she offers to hire him for a a very small amount of money, as it’s all she can afford. Vance just wants to be alone as he was burned once by a beautiful woman, and he manages to be very stand offish to Shane’s kindness. Well it’s a nice little book with a predictable happy ending.

NOTE: Besides being a cute little romance about temperamental people, it has lots of hot graphic sex.. but you might need that to rev up your sex life!

THE RED GARDEN by Alice Hoffman

THE RED GARDEN by Alice Hoffman, (2011). This book has a whole cast of quirky characters. As it mentions on the inside book jacket: “It covers 300 years of passion, dark secrets, loyalty, and redemption in a web of tales where character’s lives are intertwined by fate and by their own actions.” The story starts out in 1750 Bearville, Massachusetts, which due to some fateful interweaving it was renamed Blackwell in 1786. Is there a real Blackwell, Massachusetts I have no idea, but my curiosity is peaked, I’ll let you know.. LOL. So far I’m into the second chapter and the main characters are all descendants of Hallie Brady an orphan from Birmingham, England, who ended up in America, I won’t reveal her early life in England.. you need to read it for yourself! I am enjoying this book very much, but then I am an ALICE HOFFMAN fan after all!