THE BEST MISTAKE by Nora Roberts

THE BEST MISTAKE by Nora Roberts, (2005). This is my very first Nora Roberts book! It’s short and sweet, I’ll probably be done reading it before I sleep tonight! It’s only got 221 pages, and thankfully it’s large type! I don’t need large type yet, I prefer Medium sized type, but I’m not complaining. After all I DO have 55 year old eyes with progressive lens trifocals! LOL.

Now… why haven’t I read a Nora Roberts book before? Well once her books were made into TV movies I had a hard time watching them! So I shied away from her books, which are probably all very similar like the Debbie Macomber books, which doesn’t stop me from reading them by the way. Maybe it’s a middle age woman thing.. Maybe it’s cuz I don’t need to watch a sex scene on TV to get turned on anymore.. Menopause can do a number on her libido as you know!  Now this short and sweet book has all the right elements. A sexy yet endearing man and a sexy and hard working mom to a cute 4 year old boy. They are all falling in love with each other of course. In fact Zoe just scheduled a sex date with Coop when her son is on a sleepover! What more could the reader want to anticipate but a sex scene? LOL



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