The House of Winslow/ Book 17: THE YUKON QUEEN by Gilbert Morris

The House of Winslow/ Book 17: THE YUKON QUEEN by Gilbert Morris, (1995).  AS you can see this writer is very prolific. The Winslows are a family who must many interesting adventures. This story is about a young man named Cassidy Winslow who’s 18 years old when the story starts out in 1896. I don’t usually read books by male authors, especially if were former pastors. I can bet there’s no bad language in this book and no hanky panky either.. LOL Cassidy Winslow is young and ready for adventure, and he takes off for the Yukon gold fields where he meets up with Fletcher Stevens who’s dying and offers Cass money to search for gold and share it with his daughter Serena who has been living in a convent for the past 4 years since her mother’s death.

NOTE: Hey, this book was written by a former pastor before he became a Professor of English at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas. OKay let me first say the writing was excellent, but I found the preaching in the book a little off putting to me, but the story was good so I read the whole book. Of course it had a happy ending and the iffy main characters were “saved” and converted. They found their way back to God. If you have any problem with that, don’t read it. I have taken out 3 more books by Gilbert Morris, I’ll have to let you know what I think of them. I’m assuming her tries to make converts of his readers in all his books.


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