THE FLORABAMA LADIES AUXILIARY & SEWING CIRCLE by Lois Battle, (2001). That’s one long title for a book! Like many of the books our small library borrows from our “parent” library in the same county, this book is in LARGE print. They older ladies who read a lot requested large print books you know… LOL!  According to the blurb on the back cover; this is the story about the closing of a ladies lingerie factory that puts many local woman out of a job. The same day the plant closes Bonnie Duke Cullman drives through a Gulf storm to the first real job of her life. Her country club and charity committee existence has come to abrupt end when her marriage also ends, and now she needs a way to support herself. She has been hired to run the “Displaced Homemaker’s Program” for a podunk community college. (What does “podunk” mean anyway?) I just had to look it up! Here’s the definition:





any small and insignificant or inaccessible town or village: After a year in the big city, I was ready to move back to Podunk.

So here’s Bonnie starting her first job in a little insignificant town or village and the former bra seamstresses of Cherished Lady await her wisdom.  So now I get to read how these middle aged ladies help each other out during the course of one year. I’ll have to let you know how it turns out.



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