A FAMILY TO CHERISH by Ruth Logan Herne

A FAMILY TO CHERISH by Ruth Logan Herne, (2012).  Okay folks this is another Love Inspired romance. That means it’s another Christian writer and publisher. I don’t really attend church like I used to as a child, but I still read these books if the story line is good.

This one is about a widower named Cam Calhoun who has two daughters in elementary school who have grown up without a mother since ages 4 and nearly two. They are now 9 and 7 years old. Meredith Brennan used to be Cam’s sweetheart who returns to town 14 years after leaving for a new and better life. Now she’s opening up a Spa in an old Victorian home and Cam has been hired to refurbish it. Meanwhile Meredith is falling in love with Cam and his two adorable daughters, and of course he’s falling in love with her. I’m assuming the book has a happy ending but I’ll finish reading it anyway, just to see how they stumble along the way, and lets face it romances always have roadblocks.


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