BLUE DIARY by Alice Hoffman

BLUE DIARY by Alice Hoffman, (2001). This novel is about a man named Ethan Ford who seems to be running away from his past. (This seems to be a running theme in Alice Hoffman’s books doesn’t it?). Ethan Ford is living in a small Massachusetts town called Monroe when his past catches up with him, via an Unsolved Mysteries type of show, and it devastates the lives of friends and family alike. The book is described as a magnificent new novel, full of honesty, shattering, seductive and healing. Wow! This one sounds very interesting.

NOTE: So far I find this a very good book. How could handsome, honorable, volunteer firefighter and model citizen Ethan Ford be a murderer? I highly reccomend this book even though the ending was.. not what I imagined would happen, but then I do have a wild imagination! LOL


2 thoughts on “BLUE DIARY by Alice Hoffman

  1. Visiting from Holistic Wayfarer’s site where you liked a post on race featuring me. Thanks.

    I find choosing new books a bit daunting, so I will follow your site and try books you recommend.

    best regards,

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