ANGEL LANDING by Alice Hoffman

ANGEL LANDING by Alice Hoffman, (1980). The cover had a quote by Washington Post: “A good old fashioned love story…Alice Hoffman’s writing at it’s precise and heartbreaking best.” The is the story of Natalie, a therapist who is in love with Carter an environmentalist who’s deeply dedicated to his work, and their relationship takes a backseat to the fate of the planet. Later Natalie gets a new client with an incredible tale to tell (as the blurb on the back cover says), and Natalie starts questioning her own relationship with Carter. This particular paperback book was even signed by the author!  I expect I’ll enjoy this book as I have the other Alice Hoffman books I’ve read.

NOTE: I’m a little disappointed in the flawed man the main character fell in love with, but I will finish this book!


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