THE WEDDING DRESS; Stories from the Dakota Plains by Carrie Young

THE WEDDING DRESS Stories from the Dakota Plains by Carrie Young. After reading the last book which was a TV movie I was afraid this one was another due to its title. Remember the movie with Neil Patrick Harris (Who hardly acts gay on his TV shows and plays a great straight man), and Tyne Daily about a wedding dress that gets passed around different women through the years, getting altered most times? Well.. this seems to be a whole other story or stories I must say. The book consists of 7 different stories which take place on the Dakota Plains. I assumed it was a story about one wedding dress with 7 different owners. Nope.. I was wrong, although the first story was about a wedding dress and the friendship of two women. The second story was about a Norwegian man who wins a lot of money in 1929, in Little Butte, North Dakota. So you see the stories are all different. Each story is told from the narrators point of view, as if he or she is writing a diary or journal. In other words it seems like fiction to me, yet the back of the book says the word NONFICTION above the blurb border.

NOTE: I finished the book in under 24 hours, so you know it was interesting to read.. it was nice all the stories happened in or near Little Butte, North Dakota.


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