FIT FOR A KING by Diana Palmer

I’m desperate for a good book and this was my last resort. I bought it at a book sale or flea market, and read a few pages only to set it aside because I had a whole box of books awaiting me, well now the books are all gone, I read them or attempted to and then donated them to our little library and here’s what was left behind.

FIT FOR A KING is a novel by Diana Palmer. I had read about 16 pages then dogeared the paperback book. This story starts out in Jamaica and consists of a wealthy, sexy, ‘half-breed” Native American named Kingston Roper from Texas, and his friendship with his Island neighbor, a much younger 26 year old virginal American woman named Elissa.  They are merely friends but have the potential to be red hot lovers.. (need I say more?).  King asks Elissa to pose as his lover to deter his sister-in-law from any romantic thoughts and gestures, (he’s attracted to the beautiful woman after all and wants Elissa to more or less save him and his relationship with his brother and sister-in-law, as an affair would ruin them all.) .

NOTE: I didn’t finish this book! been there done that..cookie cutter book


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