Our Small Town Library

I live in a very small town in North East PA, of nearly 1,000 people. The number of citizens in town doesn’t vary much every census year. Because it is so small it never had a real library besides the tiny one upstairs in the 119 year old school the town built in 1895. In the year 2000, my own aunt helped found the first town library in the same historic building that was our school. The school closed in the early 1970’s, and sat empty for years until new group called the Community Development Counsel, which was started by the local Methodist minister to help this town.  The Counsel decided to utilize one huge upstairs room for a “Clothes Closet”, to sell inexpensive used clothing and the huge room below it is now our library which my own mother is in charge of, The minister also organized a Church run Food Pantry that is well used by the unemployed and other folks down on their luck. Since the library is so small and full of donated used books it was necessary to have the local area Bookmobile deliver half a library cart full of books every 4-6 weeks or so. The library can request what kinds of books we readers want, most but not all of them are wholesome novels or murder mysteries. We can request certain writers also. Someone has requested a slew of Amish novels over the years, like the one I just read, and coincidentally the one I’m reading now which is part of the LOVE FINDS YOU IN Series written by Christian writers it even has CHRISTIAN FICTION sticker on the spine. Maybe some day I will take over my mother’s job as the volunteer head librarian, even though I am not as extroverted as she is, or I can at least help after she’s retired form the job..


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