CHRISTMAS IN SUGARCREEK by Shelly Shepard Gray, is an Amish story. It about the relationship of 3 couples. One young Amish man married an “English” girl and is shunned by his family, so he is now “English” too, he left the order and they have joined the Mennonite order in the same town. Because he is now Mennonite ha shaves, no more beard and wears jeans instead of the wool knit pants of the traditional Amish, and he happily finds them more comfortable to wear. Lily has a computer, and they both drive a car, so it’s nice to know you can have a few modern luxuries in a Mennonite home. I guess the Mennonites are shunned by the Amish, which is also a sad thing… Lily the new Mennonite wife has stopped wearing English jeans and tops and now wears the typical Mennonite woman’s dress and cap. Because of the large amount of SHUNNING involved in the lives of the Amish I find the novels sad, depressing, they put me off, I feel upset at their inflexibility with their own family members. Nevertheless I am nearly finished with the book, I knew it was a quick read.

NOTE: Do I recommend this book? Only if you want to learn about the Amish or can overlook their not acting like decent human being to their own Amish family or friends who need to go down a different path..


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